My Energetic Tribe Life Purpose and Business Coaching


And you don't need to come up with fancy poetic sentences to describe your life’s purpose. God revealed to me that there are only seven core purposes for humans. Which one do you claim?

Find out now, and get on with living your core life purpose... serving and being supported by your energetic tribe!

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Whaat?? I can just choose a new belief, and life will be all that?

YES! WITH a concrete plan in place that serves your purpose. And I'm here to help you. I'm Robin O'Donovan, Life Purpose Lighthouse, Business Coach to Empathic, Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs (just like I am). Join me for group and 1-1 coaching, to live your easy, fun, fulfilling, abundant life through your T.R.U.E. Life's Purpose:

When you live from your T.R.U.E. Life's Purpose, you can get paid to exist. Easy Peasy. It just takes a bit of courage, intentional work, a dose of faith, a solid business plan with great messaging, and support from your energetic tribe.


So... as a member of my energetic tribe... ready to live your core purpose?


"In just a few weeks, Robin helped me develop the launch plan for my subscription service and audio books for children, to teach them self love. She knows marketing and technology things that had held me back, and she poured her heart into branding my business to match my purpose as a Parent. She lit a fire under me as to the importance of my purpose. If you really want to give yourself the gift of love, work with Robin one on one, you won't regret it."

- Jean Virnig

Through Robin’s course I found out I am a Lover and an Empower as my core life purposes, and this has given me the meaning and motivation I needed. I was struggling a lot with my podcast, feeling clueless, not knowing what I had to do, and Robin helped me move forward with total confidence. I’m super excited about the progress we’ve made to launch my podcast. Every time I work with Robin it brings joy to me."

- Vincent Hazenboom

"Robin is amazing, and one of the most inspiring, energetic, and smartest people I know. Her course and coaching helped me totally regain my physical energy, and helped my mindset so much, it carried over into my work, family, and art. I highly recommend working with her if you have the chance to." - Yolanda White

"Coach Robin is not only full of amazing knowledge and resources, but communicates with so much kindness and encouragement that you will feel equipped and inspired to reach your career goals and beyond! She's so likable and truly a wealth of knowledge - I couldn't recommend her more!"

- Kelsey Eide

"Robin is genuine and sincere. You can trust her to shoot straight with you. No Bull." - Clark Cook

"It has given me immense clarity in my work to embrace my purpose as a Transmuter. Robin’s energy is so authentic and genuine that I genuinely look forward to the weekly calls. And if that wasn’t enough, Robin also has some other amazing skills, such copywriting, sales and marketing skills that have helped me clarify my messaging and fill my events. I am impressed with how much she knows. I have felt so supported on this course, in a gentle, empathic way that is hard to find on other courses. You can really feel her love and care coming through." - Eve Santou Carter

"If you're anything like me and you know you need to get on purpose, like truly on purpose, but you're unsure some of the specific steps or tactics, you need help from someone who not only knows what they're doing, but are also sincere; as well as effective in making sure you understand what steps and why. Robin has all of this in heaps and a heart of gold to back it up. But not only that, though. She will un-turn stones you haven't looked under, find ones you didn't even see, and create connections to real solutions and results. I'm talking on an energetic level as well as, or rather very much in conjunction with, the real life & business ones. In just a few short weeks working with Robin O', I've never before in my 44 years been more organized and on actual purpose! Understanding my role as a Transmuter has allowed me to dramatically uplevel my work with my clients, helping them speak their truth on stage and in their lives. ”

- Schroeder Nordholt

Coach Robin truly cares about me! I’m so blessed to have her in my life! I hope that we can meet in real life.

-Anya Hart