I'm a singer-songwriter and life purpose coach, helping mission-driven souls to explore and live their life's purpose, and find their tribe. My mission is to help you come home to Who you really are, and attract the love and support of your energetic tribe, while getting paid "just to exist," authentically doing what you love.

I endured years of struggle to stay in jobs and relationships that didn't light me up, leading to depression, chronic fatigue, and financial ruin. Now, accompanied and supported by my energetic tribe, I live my life's purpose, gettin' paid to exist by practicing my purpose as a Lover, creating and performing music, coaching, speaking, traveling... and enjoying amazing close relationships.


Do you resonate? I'm a minimalist; a single mom of two exceptional pre-teens; a former nomad; a social media inspirer with a small but die-hard following who supports me financially; a successful, consistent income-producing singer-songwriter and coach, living my authentic truth. I'm also a master WOMANifestor... read my story in my book, The Seven Core Life Purposes.

In 2018 my husband and I lost our jobs. I started a coaching company to help people clear their toxins and limiting mental beliefs, based on my own experience from the prior eight years.

But faced with losing our dream house, or having to get new jobs that kept us away from our young kids and our purpose, we ended up selling everything we owned and living on the road in an RV, off grid, for 2019.

That year changed my life, and although we ended our marriage at the end of it, I now had a much more profound understanding of myself and others. I felt really ready to coach and give back. Little did I know that 2020-21 would make that, and being a musician and a single mom, an extra tough challenge.

But through one of the lowest points of my life during that time, I had a major, accidental breakthrough and began to make money just by being authentically ME and doing what lights me up. So my coaching and music were reborn and powerfully energized.

I offer my self-paced, group-coached course, Your T.R.U.E. Life Purpose Design, to show you how to stay true to who you really are, map a plan to live your purpose, and even get paid to do so.

My values are LEAD WITH LOVE, Authenticity, Honesty, Fun, Equal Opportunity For All, and KEEP LIFE SIMPLE.

I do everything from my heart-centered Truth-- my current life purpose. I'm a Lover, holding unconditionally loving space for you and raising your frequency. I transmute pain energy into light energy, through my songs, coaching, and stories. (The Lover is the fourth of the Seven Core Life Purposes - take the quiz to find out yours!)

Basically, I finally live my life like the powerful being I was always meant to be, and I want you to do the same, only get there faster and easier than I did.

Because you - and your life purpose - and especially your energetic tribe you’re meant to inspire with it - deserve no less. Right now.

Now, more than ever, it’s critical that we each come home to our soul and live our purpose. We don’t need more division, confusion, pain... or all the violence and waves of hurt that stem from it.

We need YOU. 100% AUTHENTIC. On purpose, doing what you’re born to do. Helping or even just inspiring all the others you were born to influence. None of us is an island. We are wrong in our audacity to think that our lives or any others don’t matter. Every life and its influence on other lives matters deeply, and it’s time we each take responsibility for ours, link arms with our tribe, and help each other!

Ready to discover and live your life's purpose? To live with ease, fun, fulfillment, and abundance? Wanna fall in step with your energetic tribe? Get paid just to exist? Spend more time with your family? Find the love of your life? Walk the red carpet? Cliff dive in Fiji?

Learn more about how to claim and live your core life purpose