I'm a somewhat unconventional singer-songwriter, single mom, former RV nomad (sold everything and lived on the road for a year), soulworker, self expression coach, and investor, helping people who feel like there's got to be more to life, to explore and live their life's purpose, and find their tribe. My mission is to help people have fun being one hundred percent themselves, with the love and support of their energetic tribes, while getting paid "just to exist." I endured years of struggle to stay in jobs and relationships that didn't light me up, leading to depression, money issues, and chronic fatigue. Now, accompanied and supported by my energetic tribe, I live my life's purpose and my full-time, outrageously fun dream-come-true of spending amazing times with my kids, friends, and true love, while creating and performing music, coaching, helping people build wealth, speaking, and traveling.


Do you resonate? I'm a minimalist; a single mom of two amazing pre-teens; a former professional, debt-free nomad; a social media influencer with a small but die-hard following; and a successful, consistent income-producing singer-songwriter and coach, living my authentic truth. I'm also a master womanifestor... see this page for more details.

I live a blessed life of travel and adventure. Every month brings me new experiences and new people. And even my introvert self has learned that we cannot do this human adventure alone. I've been overjoyed to discover that when I surrender fully to living as who I really am, members of my energetic tribe are attracted to me. They just find me, and I find them! These are the starseeds I came to Earth with... maybe in other lifetimes... we share a common soul thread, and when we find each other and band together, we are an UNSTOPPABLE force. I support them, and they support me.

I am a suicide and depression survivor; a recovered type-A control freak; a socially-outgoing introvert; and a relentless pursuer of my dreams. I enjoy an outrageously loving and fun romantic relationship with my soul love.

I believe in organic, non GMO food; fresh air and a little exercise; loving yourself deeply; laughing every day; purposeful work towards specific goals; enjoying blissful PLEASURE EVERY DAY; and the deep, divine healing power of music and art. My values are Fun, Loving Yourself And Others, Honesty, Authenticity, Equal Opportunity For All, and KEEPING THINGS SIMPLE.

And I do all of it straight from my heart-centered Truth - my life’s purpose. I'm a Transmuter of pain energy into light energy, through my songs and my stories. And I'm an Empowerer, empowering you to express yourself fully and get paid to exist. And a Parent, and a Lover. (These are some of the Seven Core Life Purposes.)

Basically, I live my life like the rockstar goddess I was always meant to be, and I want you to do the same (or be a rockstar god), only get there faster and easier than I did. Why? Because you - and your life purpose - and especially your energetic tribe you’re meant to inspire with it - deserve no less. Right now.

Now, more than ever, it’s critical that we each come home to our soul and live our purpose. We don’t need more disparity, confusion, pain... or all the violence and waves of hurt that stem from it.

We need YOU. 100% AUTHENTIC. On purpose, doing what you’re born to do. Helping or even just inspiring all the others you were born to influence. None of us is an island. We are wrong in our audacity to think that our lives or any others don’t matter. Every life and its influence on other lives matters deeply, and it’s time we each take responsibility for ours, link lives with our tribe, and help each other!

Ready to discover and live your life's purpose? To live with ease, fun, fulfillment, and abundance? Wanna fall in step with your energetic tribe? Get paid just to exist? Spend more time with your family? Find the love of your life? Walk the red carpet? Cliff dive in Fiji?

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