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Tired of Not Feeling Seen by Your Ideal Partner?

It's time to...

Make Yourself Irresistibly Magnetic MAGNETIC A.F.

Using The Seven Laws of Self Love

Enjoy this life-changing, four-day, self-paced video mini course!

  • Day 1 - Debunk the Myths of Self Love (it's NOT selfish!) and Learn The Seven Laws of Self Love™
  • Day 2 - Create Your Custom Daily Self Love Practice, Using My Exclusive Formula
  • Day 3 - Learn to OWN Your Value - NEVER AGAIN Let Someone Overlook Your Value or Trample Your Boundaries!
  • Day 4 - Use my Proprietary DiSIRE Framework™ to attract anything and anyone you want.


Listen, there's a lot of confusion out there right now on the interwebs about how to manifest and attract your "specific person," or your "soul mate."

Here's the thing.... manifesting your "Specific Person" the way YouTubers and Instagrammers teach you to is... honestly... kinda creepy and a violation of that person's free will.

Sure, you can influence them to love you, but at what cost? It's like constantly walking on eggshells, managing your energy, just to keep them in your life.

Because you're trying so hard, they're not going to stick around for the long haul, and if they do, it'll be a roller coaster of drama.

And anyway...

What if the Universe has someone else BETTER for you right now?

Someone who's dreaming of a love with a person just like you?

Someone who's actively manifesting you into their life?

MY LOVELY LIGHTHOUSE, you can attract your soulmate, or any partner who's energetically on your level and is fun and soothing to be with,

when you understand The Seven Laws of Self Love,

use them to develop your daily practice of self love,

OWN your value,

and understand manifesting/ attracting love in TODAY'S brave new reality.

Join us for this fun and enlightening recorded four-day challenge to make yourself MAGNETIC AS F&CK. (Sorry- it's just fun to say - and I'm all about returning the FUN to dating and life!)

Being Magnetic A.F. is no trick, just a special mindset and heartset when you understand how to wield the Seven Laws of Self Love and fully OWN your value as a human and as a romantic partner.

In addition to the above things, during this challenge I will give you the definitive cheat sheet on:

  • How a BALANCED masculine-feminine polarity is critical in romantic relationships, and how to embrace it and use it to your and your partner's advantage.
  • Men - how to magnetically ask a woman out - I cannot believe how many men don't do this, and it costs them the date!
  • Women - how to relax fully into your feminine energy and receive genuine comments and texts like this all the time from men you enjoy:

I feel blessed, humbled, thrilled, and deeply seen and loved, each time I see a message like this. These are my energetic tribe reflecting back my well-grounded self love to me. And these are just a few from romantic admirers and music fans (Killarney Star is my music moniker). I also gratefully receive wonderful, heartfelt messages and compliments each week from clients, friends new and old, family, colleagues, and total strangers.

My daily self love practice has radically changed my world, and my mission is to be a lighthouse of love to show others how important and fun self love is.

Fear not! With my Seven Laws of Self Love, you can be irresistibly magnetic by next week!

The "Magnetic A.F." Four-Day Challenge was run live for Valentine's Week 2023, but you don't have to block off specific times to show up anymore. You can enjoy the replays - with our stellar discussions - at your own pace.

Enroll now and receive four days of in-depth videos, including PDFs to take action with, AND bonus videos!

At just $97, you won't find a more comprehensive, fun, sexy way to attract your Valentines... all year round. (This mini course is curated from several lessons in my life purpose mastermind course and is valued at over $400.)

And hey... with the high caliber of people I attract to my events... you may just spot your special person! (There are others in the Singles 40+ group who have taken the replay version... they'll stand out to you at our meetings ;)

Wouldn't it be sweet to meet a partner who is as interested in self love as YOU are? Believe me.... that's the key to a love that will sweep you off your feet and never leave you lonely.

Click below to register, before your ideal mate is drawn to someone who loves themselves more deeply.


Hi! I'm Robin O'Donovan, founder of My Energetic Tribe Coaching, author of The Seven Core Life Purposes, life purpose coach, single mom (quite blessed and grateful to be never without a serious romantic prospect or relationship), and I'm a professional piano singer-songwriter.

My core life purpose is as a Lover, and so I had to come up with a way to teach the Lovers of the world, and all conscious people who want to live in high frequency, how to embody unconditional love. God revealed to me The Seven Laws of Self Love™, and as I've come to understand and apply them, my life has NEVER been the same! I can't wait to share these secrets with you that will help you be MAGNETIC A.F. and attract your energetic tribe, including the love of your life!

Robin O'Donovan

© 2023 Robin O'Donovan | My Energetic Tribe Coaching