Welcome, Lighthouse of the Purpose-Driven Economy!

Do you feel like...

You aren’t sure of your purpose in life or your full value to society?

Or you thought you knew what your purpose was, but then the rug got ripped out from under you, and now you’re feeling lost?

You constantly hear people throw around the word “mission” but you don’t know what yours is?

You keep getting tripped up by your limiting beliefs, feeling like you’re not enough, not feeling heard or seen for Who you really are?

Maybe you're awakening and expanding beyond the limiting world of your day job, and you’re restless, searching for more meaningful work.

Woman overlooking the calm bay, as if from a lighthouse.

"Wait.... what's the Purpose-Driven Economy?"

Do you have a dream to make a bigger impact helping people avoid your mistakes... but making that impact has been a struggle?

It could be because you're still subconsciously stuck in the conditioning of the Product-Based Economy... where people sell stuff to make money, and buy stuff to feel better.

Join us in building the new Purpose-Driven Economy, where we all help each other to serve with our gifts and make a difference.

Shine bright as the Lighthouse you were meant to be.

I see you, awakening SOUL.

Your light may just feel a little dim right now, but you have an amazing story of triumph that deserves to be shared with your energetic tribe, because it will inspire and uplift and teach them how to avoid the pitfalls you've suffered.

What I'm hearing from a lot of people like you is that you're just having trouble reaching as many of your tribe as you'd like!

Lighthouse shining light out to the stars

And the two most common reasons are:

  • Your messaging isn't clear.
  • Your energy is scattered.
Woman holding her hand against her head like she has a headache or just can't take anymore

You keep starting and stalling on taking action using your gifts to help others and make the impact you really want to make. You’ve been trying to get your heart-centered business up and running, but you don’t know where to start or how to get more clients.

You feel overwhelmed by all the ideas and opportunities coming to you, so you procrastinate and don’t do "enough" towards bringing your dreams to fruition.

You keep throwing spaghetti at the wall, thinking, if I just had this or that tool or system, I could have a breakthrough and get clients.

You feel frustrated, like you’re doing marketing "wrong," and no one understands or wants what you can offer.

And you've already invested in programs to learn a few action points that don't, after all, really resonate with you.

You've come to the right place.

That's how I felt, years ago.

When I got ultimately fed up with not delivering my gifts to the world, I dedicated eleven difficult, adventurous years to cracking through it.

And I never stopped asking the question, what am I supposed to be doing? Who am I? What do I REALLY want?

I kept manifesting job layoffs, and trying to ramp up my coaching business, but feeling overwhelmed and exhausted trying to find clients.

And to make things worse, my husband subtly belittled me for failing.

I kept floundering around trying different ways to attract my tribe, including spending tens of thousands on systems and ads that brought in non-committal clients. Nothing worked for the long term, or I'd get bored with someone else's "successful method" and not follow it through.

I felt like a flake, a failure, an outcast at this game of life.

I had to face the fact that I was a chronic non-finisher. And that I might "die with my songs in me," as they say. Even my actual songs (I'm a piano singer-songwriter) were not getting finished and produced. They kept getting put on the back burner as I spent all my energy trying to launch this coaching program I believed so much in.

But all the while, I was following an intuition. I kept insisting I should and could "get paid to exist," authentically living my purpose. It was just not in me to keep "existing just to get paid" like most of the world seemed to think was acceptable.

There was just one problem...

I didn't know what my life's purpose was.

After selling everything we owned and spending a year on the road, hiking and sitting in meditation and writing and performing songs in beautiful places like Joshua Tree and the Grand Canyon,

I still didn't know, but I definitely had a clearer sense of Who I was, of my divinity, of my worth.

I divorced my husband of 13 years and set out on my own, a single mom whose only marketable skills were music, marketing, and the hope of being a successful coach.

That was in December 2019. I then faced the new year, emotionally devastated, serially unemployable, a single parent with zero alimony or child support, with as much hope and confidence as I could muster.

3D Book Image: My Energetic Tribe Coaching Presents: The Seven Core Life Purposes by Robin O'Donovan

2020 laughed in my face and said, hold my beer.

Long story short (it's all in my ebook), I had a come-to-Jesus moment in April of 2020 where I literally begged God to finally tell me what my purpose was and how I was to serve people.

God answered me then, and again a few weeks later, delivering to me by divine message The Seven Core Life Purposes, which became my ebook, read by thousands all over the world.

Love divine...

During that period I was visited by an angel in a sort of near death experience, who gifted me for a day what it literally feels like to live in Love, Joy and Bliss Enlightenment frequency, on the highest scale of emotional vibration, and love myself as God does.

Through all of this, I learned, with humor and pathos, how God must feel, and how to treat everyone like that. Honor and bless their free will. Don't manipulate them into "complying" with what you wish for them. Just stand in your value and radiate the immense Love you are. Be their lighthouse, their rock. Know that every ounce of love matters.

In understanding this and the Seven Core Life Purposes, I came home to being a Lover (the fourth Core Life Purpose). A lighthouse of unconditional love, learned from these experiences.

This gave birth to The Seven Laws of Self Love, which I teach in my courses.

And, in that homecoming to my purpose and to my Self (both of them, lol) I finally understood exactly how to bring forth The Seven Core Life Purposes in a program to help others quickly gain the clarity, confidence and peace I had gnashed through eleven years of failures and angst to find.

I created this 9-week course, Your T.R.U.E. Life Purpose Design, and started attracting clients to it to test it.

Embracing my Core Life Purpose as a Lover, as a lighthouse of love to show what unconditional love of self and my tribe looks like, has prepared me to gracefully and confidently offer you a clear path forward in a confusing world...

...the path of coming home to Who you really are, claiming your core life purpose, and designing a fun, sustainable way to live it in abundance.

Your core life purpose FOCUSES YOUR ENERGY and CLARIFIES YOUR MESSAGING in a way that nothing else can.

Because I've realized the simplifying message of it all:

Your soul just wants to express the Love that you are.

Your human just wants to identify with and attract your energetic tribe.

By being one, you do the other.

That's it. Pretty much the key to everything. And The Seven Core Life Purposes are a natural law paradigm to understand your superpowers and specifically help you express the Love that you are. You might be a Lover, a Transmuter, a Translator, a Parent, an Empowerer, a Teacher, or a Catalyst. You design your own Unique Expression of how to live that. I show you how to in my course.

Through actively identifying with one of the Core Purposes, you will stand as the lighthouse you are and attract your own energetic tribe. With ease, fun, fulfillment, and abundance.

There are two things NO ONE and NOTHING can take away from you:

Who you really are - your vibration, your essence, you intentions,

And your core life purpose.

And with those two things alone, you can stand fully in your value, and attract your energetic tribe...

... who needs what you have to offer and will lovingly support you as you support their journeys.

There's only one of you. Can you embrace that with grace and confidence?

No one and nothing can take away Who you really are, or your core life purpose.

And these are the two things you have total control over. There's only ONE of you,

It has been proven through my own work, my work with my clients, my Other Self's work with his clients (of course, he is a soul expression coach, too) and their work with theirs.

And knowing this, I've cracked the code (it's in my ebook and my course) on how to get paid to exist.

There’s only one of you - how would you show up differently if you internalized this?

Two confident men talking with smiles

Tired of existing just to get paid? What if you could get paid just to exist, because of Who you are?

What if you were free to be Who (yes, with a capital "W", because you are DIVINE)...

Who you really are, without fear of judgement, and free to do only the things that light you up?

What if, in being Who you really are and doing what lights you up...

...you easily attracted your energetic tribe, the ones who GET you, who WANT what you're offering...

...who want your support and to support you?

My exclusive 9-week course and ongoing mastermind, "Your T.R.U.E. Life Purpose Design" will walk you gently through how to discover and express your T.R.U.E. life’s purpose and get paid for it, so you can get unstuck from feeling invalidated, directionless, confused, depressed. Escape the rut of feeling broke, loveless, or "not enough."

We've all experienced this. But you are NONE of those things. You are so much more than that. Your energy and soul exists on a much higher dimension, where your life of ease, fun, fulfillment, and abundance awaits! What's more, the Universe (Source, Higher Power, your Higher Self) is cheering you on, to come up and live there!

"Wait, how do I come up and live there???"

Don't settle for anything less than your T.R.U.E. Life's Purpose:

Once you do, you'll feel your power and motivation align, like clicking into place... and there's no stopping you on your path to whatever you want. No bad news, nobody in your way, no matter what.

I know! This takes unprecedented courage! I will give you proven, concrete tools to know, love, and regularly express the REAL YOU, and to stay connected to yourself, where happiness is your norm.

It's time to realize the very special mission you're here to do, who you're here to BE. I will guide you to embrace who you are and to step into your personal power and purpose.

When you're operating from this place of personal power and confident, purposeful value, money and clients come more easily, love is effortless, life is fun, and everything just flows... because this is our natural state!

My Proprietary, Four-Part Approach

Some coaches help you discover your life's purpose.

I help you FIRST come home to who you really are, and from that anchored, joyful peace,

I then walk you through exactly how to claim your core life purpose and your unique mission, from my exclusive paradigm, The Seven Core Life Purposes.

I then guide you to design your plan to live your purpose, serving and served by your energetic tribe, who are the ones most likely to help you get paid to exist.

Finally, I keep you motivated and equipped to stay on purpose... in a world that's constantly distracting and keeping us focused on matters outside instead of inside us.

The beauty of my program is that it will AMPLIFY AND ACCELERATE any other coaching, mentoring, or training you have taken or are taking. And it's priced and timed to dovetail perfectly into your budget and schedule.

Those programs you spent money on and didn't see results... go back to some of them now with the new coloring of living your core life purpose! Things will make so much more sense now.

Ready to live your core life purpose and get paid to exist with your energetic tribe?

I can't wait to work alongside you and celebrate your homecoming through Your T.R.U.E. Life Purpose Design! Here’s what we’ll do, step by step, with the help and encouragement of your energetic tribe:


Reconnect with your soul and your true essence.


Create a structured daily practice of self love which will attract your energetic tribe, who wants to learn from you and support you.


OWN your value... Become not only heard and seen, but absolutely MAGNETIC, sought after, as the perfect and divine being you already are.


Identify your Core Life Purpose and your Core Life Purpose Superpower.


Develop your clear, purpose-based mission statement to serve you in life and business.


Identify your energetic tribe and actionable strategies for attracting them.


Overwrite the conditioned programs and outdated "rules" running your subconscious mind.


Design the kind of purpose-driven, expertly scheduled life that makes you excited to jump out of bed in the morning.


Create a special “totem,” a powerful creative work you design to motivate you and anchor your consciousness into Who you are and what your purpose is.


Be supported every step of the way and beyond, as long as you wish to maintain your membership, by your team of coaches and your energetic tribe.

Take a look at the clarity and motivation my life purpose mastermind clients and workshop attendees are experiencing, and the purpose projects they have been launching:

"Robin helped me develop the launch plan for my subscription service and audio books for children, to teach them self love. She knows marketing and technology things that had held me back, and she poured her heart into branding my business to match my purpose as a Lover. She lit a fire under me as to the importance of my purpose. If you really want to give yourself the gift of love, work with Robin one on one, you won't regret it."

JEAN VIRNIG | Children's Book Author and Content Creator

"I wanted to start a podcast to help men feel empowered again. Through Robin’s course I found out I am a Lover and an Empower as my core life purposes, and this has given me the meaning and motivation I needed. I was struggling a lot with my podcast, feeling clueless, not knowing what I had to do, and Robin was like 'Ok let’s do this, let’s do that, here’s how we make a plan.' She helped me move forward with total confidence. I’ve made a lot of progress with her, I’m super excited about the progress we’ve made to launch my podcast. Every time I work with Robin it brings joy to me."

VINCENT HAZENBOOM | Podcaster, Social Media Influencer

"I am so grateful for Robin's T.R.U.E. Life Purpose plan.  Robin is an amazing coach!  Before I started, I was at a point where I feeling out of touch with my dreams and passions in life.  Since I have been working with Robin, I have felt renewed confidence and encouragement.  The course modules have been very effective at helping me realign with my purpose.  

I am Lover in the Core Life Purpose plan.  Knowing this core purpose has helped me know how I can better serve others through my gifts.  Our group meetings offer a safe space where we can share and offer support with like-minded people.  I also enjoy working with Robin in our one on one meetings.  She is full of love, wisdom, and creative energy.  I look forward to developing my business ideas with her coaching.  I highly recommend working with Robin! "

ELSA LOUIS-CHARLES | Artist, Home Caregiver

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Robin is amazing, and one of the most inspiring, energetic, and smartest people I know. Her course helped me totally regain my physical energy, and her coaching helped my mindset so much, it carried over into my work, family, and art. I highly recommend working with Robin if you have the chance."

YOLANDA WHITE | Sr. Clinical Project Manager and Hand Lettering Artist

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Robin will un-turn stones you haven't looked under and create connections to real solutions and results. Both on an energetic level, and very much in conjunction with, the real life and business ones. In just a short time working with her, I've never been more organized and on actual purpose!"

SCHROEDER NORDHOLT | Speakers' Coach and Professional Composer

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Thank you so much for helping me discover my purpose, why I’m here on this planet, for bringing out the best of me. I’m really happy with the progress, really grateful for having you on my side, working with me on this project. I know this is going to be life changing. I feel it in my heart, this is it. This is what I’ve been preparing for all my life, going through everything to be a podcaster, to shine bright through the darkness. Without you I would be struggling a lot, but at the right moment I met you I was like this is it, I wanted to work with you.

VINCENT HAZENBOOM | Podcaster, Social Media Influencer

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Coach Robin is not only full of amazing knowledge and resources, but communicates with so much kindness and encouragement that you will feel equipped and inspired to reach your career goals and beyond! She's so likable and truly a wealth of knowledge - I couldn't recommend her more!"

KELSEY EIDE | Professional Songwriter and Performer, Social Media Influencer

"What I have really valued the most about this program is the weekly group coaching calls. The intimacy of the group means we each get time to talk about how things are going for us in terms of realising our life purpose. It has given me immense clarity in my work to embrace my purpose as a Transmuter.

And the people in the group are so supportive. We cheer each other on, promote each other's endeavors, and send helpful resources to each other throughout the week. It is so great being part of a community where Robin comforts us with her loving presence, if we become discouraged.

Robin’s energy is so authentic and genuine that I genuinely look forward to the weekly calls. And if that wasn’t enough, she also has some other amazing skills, such copywriting, sales and marketing skills that have helped me clarify my messaging and fill my events. I am impressed with how much she knows. I have felt so supported on this course, in a gentle, empathic way that is hard to find on other courses. You can really feel her love and care coming through.”

EVE SANTOU CARTER | Grief Counselor

"Robin helped me to launch my coaching business, and that help was invaluable, just on a technical [level], she's really smart. But more important is this deeper level awareness of staying high vibe and tapping into the universe, and when you can stay in that place, lo and behold you get clients! Anybody who's stuck in thinking about things on this plane of existence, but there's this bigger universe that is MORE real. And she helped me to tap into that, and when I can stay in that place, I get clients! If you are in any kind of stuck place, you should definitely reach out to her.

The other thing is, she really helped me work through some debilitating self worth issues so that I can really offer my true self and really come out and be everything that I am, the biggest wonderful version of myself, not be afraid of that, really tap into that and go full tilt in Who I am and bring that to the world. That's what people need. "

SCHROEDER NORDHOLT | Speakers' Coach and Professional Composer

"I’m a Catalyst. And I had this feeling that I was heading there, but I am SOLIDLY there. So that means with this entire momentum of today, the two hours we’ve spent together, the feedback I’ve gotten from [the mastermind workshop participants], I’m like, Okay, I’m not lost anymore. I got this going. What a great gift you can give us!"

MELISSA TRUESALE | Speakers' Coach and Professional Composer

"Going from where I was this morning and replaying some traumatic events in my life that recently happened, to this now moment, I don’t know what you did, but I feel transformed… I was somehow able to jump into a timeline three months from now and literally imagine what my end result is going to be. And imagining that, it almost gave me the confirmation I needed… okay, you know what, I can do this, I can break free from my parents, I can break free from my traumas, I can break free from my stories. In my ten years of healing, eleven years now, I’ve never experienced that before on a call… Never has it …felt like it was going to be a lasting change because in the back of may mind I’m like okay, I’m feeling this now but my mind and ego are like yeah but you’re going to spiral back down. I don’t feel that battle between my mind, ego and heart anymore…. My heart is willing to do whatever it took, but my mind and ego are like wait a sec, you’ve tried that before and look where it got you, it got taken away so what’s the point of even trying anymore. I don’t feel that anymore."

MICHAEL ANGELO AURELIUS | Past Lives Mystic and Affiliate Marketer

"You’re wise, you’re powerful, you gave me some kick-a— feedback for what Schroeder and I did… you had a whole bunch of really tough feedback and it was great, I needed to hear it, so when Schroeder said are you ready for this, and I said yeah give it to me, and then I listened to it and I was like "She’s awesome, I need to talk to her!" So now you’re my soul SisStar, as I like to say. 

And my inspired action is, I’m going to own it at the next level because of this. Because I found out I’m a Catalyst today, and now I’m like okay, no more playing small, any of that residual s— needs to go, because my purpose is bigger than me, and it’s not about me, it’s about the world that needs this movement that came through me, I didn’t make it up. So that’s what I’m committing to today, so thank you so much for seeing me."

ELVIRA V. HOPPER | Self Expression Coach, Professional Arts Performer

"Robin is genuine and sincere. You can trust her to shoot straight with you. No Bull."

CLARK COOK | Realtor

"You've been such a big help to me. I seem to vibrate differently when listening to you. You're very uplifting and exciting... yet calming at the same time. Just what I need to lift my spirits!"

DAVE TIMMONS | Professional Dad to a Special Needs Kid

Robin O'Donovan in her music studio

Your Coach, Robin O'Donovan

“I'm a piano singer-songwriter, former music therapist, and former off-grid nomad, from Florida. I sold everything and traveled the country for a year and then ended 20 years of 2 back-to-back marriages, in the process of coming home to myself and my T.R.U.E. Life Purpose™. From a divine revelation I wrote an ebook, The Seven Core Life Purposes™, that's been read by thousands of people in over a dozen countries, and it continues to astound and teach me. It is the basis of this course and all my coaching. The book is included with your purchase of this course.

I've spent over five years researching, speaking, quantifying this Core Life Purpose™ process, and working with others to experience their amazing soul homecomings, including launching their mission-driven businesses (backed by my 20 years' experience running several of mine and coaching others in doing so). I am so deeply grateful to now get paid just to exist for and by my energetic tribe, supporting myself and my two kids in a lovely little minimalist home, doing nothing but what lights me up: time alone, time with my kids and my amazing new romantic partner, coaching, music, and travel.

My eleven years of healing work has cured me of 30 years of depression. I walk my talk and live my life purpose every day as a Lover. It's my mission to be a lighthouse for you to live your purpose and light the way for your energetic tribe. Because only then will our world know peace and love, which starts inside each of us."

ROBIN O'DONOVAN | Life Purpose Coach, Author, Professional Singer-Songwriter


Imagine... feeling important and deeply valued, on purpose, making real progress in your mission, making a noticeable impact in your community.

Imagine... Waking up every day excited to keep on attracting and enjoying your tribe, doing your good work in the world, helping them to live better through your gifts, with time and energy to enjoy the people and things you love most.

Imagine... living at a high vibration of love, joy, and peace. Truly loving yourself to the point that you never feel “not enough,” you never again have to settle in relationships, you never again feel codependent or lonely. Radiating your special magnetism and knowing you can always find and keep the partner of your dreams.

* PS - Women LOVE a man who's a rock that can't be swayed from his purpose. Men LOVE a woman who flows like the ocean with her purpose no matter what. I give you all the juicy details on this in my mini-course, Be Magnetic AF With The Seven Laws of Self Love. Look for a special offer with your purchase.

It's time to come home to who you really are.

I’m here to introduce you to the absolute love of your life: You.

To the money that just feels different, and stays to enrich your life and others', because you’re getting paid to exist as YOU.

To the energetic tribe of people who’ve got your back in every situation and who love you actively and completely for exactly who you are. From your ideal clients and coworkers, to the passionate love of your life.

To the You that exists in this beautiful, bountiful new purpose-driven economy we're all building together.

To the inner peace and joy that can't be replaced by anything outside of you.

No matter what your past is. No matter your income or age. No matter if you’ve done your inner child healing work or not (which isn’t even necessary).

No matter if you’re a hot mess right now, or a cool, quietly frustrated starseed who just needs a simple framework to re-organize your brilliance and attract more of your energetic tribe to support your amazing journey.

I’m here to give you that framework, a simple life design template, to take the chaos and "bro-marketing" out of both the life purpose process and the business process, and to bring you home to Who you really are.

To your soul, to your body, to your heart, and to your energetic tribe.

And when you embrace this process (it’s a beautiful, fun, ongoing journey), the world will embrace You. The people on your new energetic frequency - your energetic soul tribe - will find YOU. And they will treat you in harmony, with respect and reverence, with prosperity, in peace, in utter and total love.

Because that’s exactly Who you are. Pure Love. You knew this once. You just forgot.

Welcome home.

JOIN Your T.R.U.E. Life Purpose Design MASTERMIND...

Not Just a Life Purpose Course, We Will Custom Design Your Life to Live Your Core Purpose, Gettin' Paid to Exist, With Your Energetic Tribe.

Your T.R.U.E. Life Purpose Design:

Nine-Week Self-Guided Course With Ongoing Weekly Group Coached Mastermind

  • Monthly membership for as long as you wish, no time commitment required.
  • Join anytime, log into the course portal, go at your own pace each week, and meet the group on Zoom each week for questions and guidance.
  • Two hours of one-on-one coaching is included in your first nine weeks.
  • Enjoy Support, Guest Experts, And Updated Teachings, as Long as You'd Like to Extend Your Monthly Membership.

Here's What's Included For One Easy Monthly Subscription:

  • Pay Nothing Today, First Two Weeks Are Your Free Trial, Then $208 $108* Every Month, Cancel Anytime.
  • My Proprietary Four-Step Framework (As Described Above), Spread Over Nine Weekly Modules.
  • Detailed Guidance by Video, and Group Support, on How to Design Your On-Purpose Life, Including How to Craft Your Purpose-Driven Business Plan.
  • Videos, PDF Worksheets, and Resources Posted in Private Portal With Lifetime Access Including Updates, While You are a Paid Member.
  • Weekly On Purpose Group Coaching Mastermind by Zoom.
  • TWO One-on-One Private Coaching Sessions at Your Convenience, Within the First Nine Weeks of Your Membership, to Jumpstart Your Life Purpose Design.
  • My Full Digital Book Experience and Workbook, The Seven Core Life Purposes.
  • Enjoy Guided Meditations, Including Robin's own Music, To Help You Calm Your Mind and Reconnect With Your Soul and Energetic Tribe.
  • Access to A Brand-New, Cutting Edge, Invitation-Only Social App For Keeping Track of Your Goals and Progress.
  • (OPTIONAL) SCHEDULE AT ADDITIONAL PAY-AS-YOU-GO INVESTMENT: One-on-One Personal, 30- or 60-Minute Coaching Sessions.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: The Mastermind/ Course is a monthly investment that is up to you to show up to get the most out of. You may end it and, therefore your access to the course and mastermind meetings, at anytime. My Satisfaction Guarantee is in full effect.  My purpose is connected to yours, and I will do all I can to make sure you are thrilled with my guidance, assistance, and acceleration, and that you see exciting results that inspire you to keep going. Again, it is up to you to do your part, attend the mastermind calls, schedule your 1-1 calls at your convenience, and integrate all the action steps you will learn.

Your T.R.U.E. Life Purpose Design MASTERMIND:

Monthly Subscription $208

*For July only:

$108 Plus First Two Weeks Free

PLUS (optional) grab my $97 4-Day Mini Course, Become Magnetic AF With The Seven Laws of Self Love, for just $27 When You Enroll.


Questions? I want to be sure my program and coaching is right for you at this time. I'm happy to talk with you, no charge, no obligation, no arm-bending or icky sales tactics. Tell me about your dream business or project, and I'll coach you with actionable tips and answer all your questions about my program and the mastermind group. Whether you join or not, you'll walk away with valuable tips on how to get started living your core life purpose and getting paid to exist.

A's For Your Q's

What is the time commitment for the course?

So... why put off knowing and loving your beautiful Self to your core?

My lighthouse, why postpone your soul-based happiness and success, living your purpose?

Why keep denying Who you really are?

You are Love. You knew this.. you just forgot.

Take charge of your life's purpose, from your core of Love, and radiate it. I'll show you how.

And you don't have to do it all alone. Your mastermind group is here to support you every step of the way, from reflecting your self love back to you, to helping promote your special purpose-driven mission.

You will find that the immense peace and benefits of living in Love frequency with your tribe completely outweigh your reasons for procrastination.

You will find that this one course amplifies and accelerates every other course and coaching program you're taking or have ever taken.

It's about to all make sense in a whole new way.

Embrace Who you are in this now moment. Your soul, and all the souls you're meant to help and inspire, are begging for you to come home.

OWN your value, OWN your T.R.U.E. life's purpose, and step into your full power to serve others as you've been called to do.

LIVE YOUR PURPOSE AND INSPIRE YOUR TRIBE TO LIVE THEIRS. Mastermind your life's purpose together with your energetic tribe.

There literally is no other way to truly live.

DISCLAIMERS: No promise of income is implied or guaranteed. Results may vary based on the effort you put in, and depending on where you currently are with any business or purpose project idea you choose to pursue through this course. The "Your T.R.U.E. Life Purpose Plan" course is designed to help you develop clarity on your life's purpose, in addition to (if you wish, following the instructions in the course) a customized, solid, actionable plan to launch or grow your purpose business or lifestyle. Some participants may launch or grow their business, project, or lifestyle in a few weeks or months, and some may take longer or not see such results with this program. The growth of your business depends on many things outside the scope and control of this program, including your experience, resources, location, market share, etc. 

Your monthly Mastermind membership fee includes the full course and the weekly On Purpose Mastermind, which will support you in a group setting with your coursework and purpose plan. You may terminate your monthly membership at any time with no notice and no reason, by sending an email to robin@energetictribe.com. Your access to the course portal and mastermind attendance will be terminated at that time. You are always welcome with open arms to rejoin.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: Course participants will be invited to join GoalMogul, a free app currently in beta trial, for the purpose of making goals and being accountable to them. Robin O'Donovan is a contracted ambassador for Goal Mogul and may receive future stock share for each active user she has referred, when the app goes public. You are under no obligation to use the app in order to complete the course.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: I stand by my work and my process. If you complete all nine weeks of the course, show up for all weekly group coaching sessions and all your individual sessions if applicable, participate fully, and still don't understand what your core life purpose is or how you can create a plan to live it, I'll continue to personally work with you for one additional month at no cost, to help you achieve clarity and towards your goals for the course.