No More Overwhelm: 4 Secrets to Living with Confidence and Fun

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My interview with Jackie Simmons, the host of The Suicide Prevention Show. We talk about the feeling of overwhelm that high schoolers - and adults - can feel. Here are a few notable time stamps:

  • 5:42 Opportunity can lead to overwhelm.
  • 6:18 You don't have to pick up every shiny penny.
  • 8:37 I don't want anyone to live from fear - I want you to live from love.
  • 12:01 Four Secrets: (1.) How self love can help us avoid living in fear
  • 14:44 (2.) Seek to heal yourself
  • 17:00 (3.) Have the grace and courage to be YOURSELF.
  • 20:10 (4.) Surrender to your inner voice, your inner wisdom
  • 23:00 How to distinguish your inner wisdom (heart) from your ego (head)
  • 30:50 Why you shouldn't fear making a quick, gut decision
  • 37:24 Without you taking the courage to live as yourself, in alignment with your purpose, what happens?
  • 38:07 A word about Gen Z, today's high school and college youth, and their incredibly inspiring legacy.

No more overwhelm.

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