Conscious Decluttering:

Clear Away All That's Not YOU... And Feel Better In Weeks!

Feel better inside and out. Glow up. Shine On. Reclaim your strength. Be a lighthouse to the ones you’re called to help and love: your energetic tribe.

When you shine from that place, your tribe will find you. And then the real fun starts....

Do you feel...

directionless, confused, depressed? Tired all the time? Stuck in a job, place, or relationship that doesn't resonate? Or stuck in a rut of feeling broke, loveless, or "not enough?"

It's not your fault if you've felt like this. Society has conditioned us to make a lot of less-than-conscious decisions for ourselves since we were kids. Just know that NONE of those things are WHO YOU ARE.

You are so much more than that.

Your soul exists on a much higher frequency, where your life of ease, fun, fulfillment, and abundance awaits! What's more, Source (your higher power) is cheering you on, to come up and live there!

To find the life you love, FIRST clear away everything that's NOT IT.

  • Physical or Emotional Pain (See Disclaimers)
  • Chronic Fatigue (See Disclaimers)
  • Depression or Anxiety (See Disclaimers)
  • Excess Weight (See Disclaimers)
  • Uncertainty, Drifting Through Life
  • Overwhelming Obligations
  • Loneliness, Destructive Cycles and Relationships
  • House Clutter
  • Feeling Like You Don't Matter or That No One Understands You

Once you begin to clear these things and more, using my proven techniques and the added help of my expert guest coaches/professionals, your life can become a vessel that can be filled up with all that you DO want.

Welcome to

The Seven Pillars of Conscious Decluttering

These areas, cleared in the right order, can dramatically change your life in as little as six to twelve weeks.


Everyday toxins you may not be aware you're ingesting or breathing can be hijacking your nervous system and serotonin levels, causing depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, infertility, weight retention, illness, or disease. I'm not a licensed wellness pro, but my guest experts are, and this course was designed out of my own extensive health journey and research that I had to take into my own hands. We'll point you in very helpful directions to investigate and immediately start taking back your wellness. *NOTE: We fully respect and honor ALL personal health decisions. This program is available to all regardless of your medical history or preferences.


Once your body toxins are at least somewhat cleared, your mind now actually has a chance to recover from dramatic chemical imbalances and negative thinking loops it got stuck in while under the influence of toxins. Let's rewrite the story playing in your head... so you can begin to create any reality you choose. With a new story comes new outcomes... the ones you crave and deserve.


Embrace your inner child the way s/he has always wanted you to. Dispel the myths of self love, and learn why self love is critically important to healing your emotional blocks. Discover easy ways to cultivate your daily practice of self love. Through my revolutionary self healing practice, gain the skill and courage, fully supported, to transmute your pain into your power. And finally let go of emotional pain you've been subconsciously dragging around for years... allowing you to fully give and receive love again, and be loved deeply for exactly Who you are.


How many times have you tried to get rid of clutter around your house, only for it to return? I discovered that the reasons this happens are related to the previous three areas still being cluttered. That's why I help you clear those first. Then you have a good chance of clearing clutter once and for all with my step-by-step, easy method. Our goal will be for you to clear at least one room of clutter during this module.


I fully respect all faiths and creeds. This step is about getting to know your soul in its essence, no matter what your spiritual beliefs are. Connect deeper with Source energy and the unity of all. Learn discernment to hear the voice of your higher self versus the voices of entities who may not represent your best interests. In doing so you'll feel validation of all the previous steps and prepare yourself for the last two. We'll use guided meditations I've developed to tap into the essence of Who you really are, way beyond this body and this timeline... feeling that for the first time is like a miracle!


A gentle, fun, guided mental, emotional, and physical preparation to make room for your 100% authentic self to confidently come out, express itself, and attract the awesome reality you desire! The longterm effect of this can include (if you decide), overhauling or moving away from overwhelming or now-irrelevant obligations, relationships, and/or goals.


A clear, easy, repeatable method (like all the steps above) to let everything that isn’t You escape, and surrender to Who you really are and the amazing path that's meant for you. If you're used to trying to control everything, this may be a new concept. But you'll find it to be much easier and incredibly effective because you've completed the above steps. Most importantly, this brings you a PEACE you've probably never felt... and once felt, you'll never want to lose it.

BONUS: Learn and Master My 7 Pillars Daily Routine

Stay happy, focused, and profitable with these simple daily habits that most people don't do! Who will you inspire as a lighthouse of love for yourself and others, embodying these habits?

Ready to come home to Who you really are, and take back your power?


From a few beautiful souls I've coached...

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Robin is amazing, and one of the most inspiring, energetic, and smartest people I know. Her Conscious Decluttering course helped me totally regain my physical energy, and her coaching helped my mindset so much, it carried over into my work, family, and art. I highly recommend working with Robin if you have the chance."

YOLANDA WHITE | Sr. Clinical Project Manager and Hand Lettering Artist

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Robin will un-turn stones you haven't looked under and create connections to real solutions and results. Both on an energetic level, and very much in conjunction with, the real life and business ones. In just a short time working with her, I've never been more organized and on actual purpose!"

SCHROEDER NORDHOLT | Speakers' Coach and Professional Composer

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Coach Robin is not only full of amazing knowledge and resources, but communicates with so much kindness and encouragement that you will feel equipped and inspired to reach your career goals and beyond! She's so likable and truly a wealth of knowledge - I couldn't recommend her more!"

KELSEY EIDE | Professional Songwriter and Performer, Social Media Influencer

"Robin is genuine and sincere. You can trust her to shoot straight with you. No Bull."

CLARK COOK | Realtor

"You've been such a big help to me. I seem to vibrate differently when listening to you. You're very uplifting and exciting... yet calming at the same time. Just what I need to lift my spirits!"

DAVE TIMMONS | Professional Dad To A Special Needs Kid

Robin O'Donovan in her music studio
Robin talking virtually with customer

Your Guide, Robin O'Donovan

As a former music therapist and repeated sufferer of medical misdiagnoses which left me with early dementia and chronic fatigue syndrome at age 35, I developed my proprietary Conscious Decluttering process in 2015. I had several clients successfully use it in a 2017 pilot program, then further developed it from 2018-2021. I continued clearing toxins from my body and mind. I healed generations of wounds lodged in my heart. I cleared toxic relationships from my life. I cleared 40 years worth of possessions, sold everything I owned, and embarked on a financially risky but eventually profitable spiritual sabbatical. I went from exhausted, 20 pounds overweight, with chronic pain and depression... to a runner, hour-long meditator, traveler, and healer, giving back to my community in the ways I'd always dreamed about.

And I knew there had to be an efficient way to teach others all this, without making them go through years of trial and error and research, like I did, to figure it out!

I now get paid just to exist, supporting myself and my kids in a lovely little minimalist home, doing nothing but what lights me up as my 100% authentic self - including coaching, speaking, traveling, performing and producing music.

I am blessed and honored to have been chosen as a Tenured Instructor at the exclusive Essential, the Harvard of online learning.

With just the first module of my exclusive, comprehensive Conscious Decluttering Method, in one week I permanently cured myself of chronic fatigue and pain and 30 years of depression and anxiety. I never get sick. I walk my talk and live my life purpose every day, and it's my mission to be a lighthouse for you to do the same.

Because only then will our world know peace, which starts inside each of us.


A little note, in case this process sounds shocking or overwhelming...

You can accomplish more than you realize in twelve weeks, especially towards your personal growth, when you follow my program, which unravels intertwined knots that can't be unraveled just isolated. That being said, my first goal with this program is to open your eyes to possibilities you may never have considered. You don't know what you don't know. My second goal is to show you what you are really capable of, when given a loving space to stretch out and really explore your amazing self! I realize that few people are going to do years worth of transformation in 12 weeks, although it is entirely possible. After your personal coaching with me ends, you will have lifetime access to all the training and resources. And I will be checking back with you over time and making sure you continue to progress, using these methods, and offering you additional opportunities to grow (some complimentary, some paid). You won't be abandoned! I very, very much want to see you succeed and shine your light bright in this world. We NEED the 100% authentic YOU!

Imagine waking up every day to feel amazing, happy, glowing, peaceful, and energetic!

It's time to clear the clutter and chaos, and be Who you really are.

Why postpone your happiness and success? Why keep trying to hang on to things, people, situations, habits, thoughts, and emotions that no longer serve you? Why keep putting off attracting that dream that haunts you? Why keep letting the world squash Who you really are? Lose no more time. Your soul, and all the souls you're meant to help and inspire, are begging for you to be clear.

This is a 12-Week, one-on-one dedicated program with me.

12-Week One-to-One Personal Coaching

Accelerate and amplify your success with one private, hour-long phone call or Zoom session per week for twelve weeks (or more, if needed) on your schedule.

  • Personalized guidance from me to clear your toxins, limiting beliefs, emotional blocks, physical clutter, and spiritual confusion (see Disclaimers, below)
  • Exclusive bonus videos with guest experts (as available) in the fields of nutrition, holistic health, personal energy, chakra unblocking, generational healing, and possibly more
  • Re-program your mind and tune into your heart and soul
  • Develop your daily self love practice
  • My revolutionary self healing method
  • Unique guided meditations
  • Learn and master my 7 Pillars Daily Routine
  • Additional Worksheets, Tips and Resources like: How to Grocery Shop Smarter; Meditation For The Restless; How to Get The Most Out of Working With a Holistic Professional; Affirmations That Work; Frequency Levels Chart, and more
  • Lifetime access to the training resources
  • Accountability follow up with me for an additional twelve months
  • Text me anytime with questions
  • My 100% Money-back guarantee - If you follow all the steps, in order, as I lay them out for you, and you do not feel noticeably better at the end of twelve weeks, I will happily continue working with you for another two weeks, or until you do feel better, and then I will cheerfully refund your money completely if you still do not have noticeable results. Please see my disclaimer for details.
  • To ensure I can give my utmost attention to everyone during this intensive program, this one-time offer is limited to the first two enrollees who are serious about upleveling themselves. I have kept it as affordable as possible because I honor my time and expertise, but I believe everyone should know this information and techniques. In the future this will be a self-guided course with group coaching, for the same price or more.

Total investment: $3000

*Payment plan options available, please book a call to discuss.

To schedule a call with me, please see below.


I am not a doctor, therapist, nutrition expert, or any licensed expert. The first module of this program, "Clear Your Body Toxins," is designed to open your eyes to new possibilities you may never have researched or considered, and to give you relevant resources to pursue working with medical and other professionals as you deem fit. No diagnosis, nor promise of weight loss, wealth, nor any other transformation, is implied or guaranteed from participating in any part of this program. Your results will depend on your physical baseline, mindset, emotional outlook, attendance, and the work you put in towards your own transformation. I have, through being coached and through coaching others and myself, effected transformation for myself far beyond what is implied from this program. I have a proven system and unshakable belief in it, and in your potential. For those clients who work through my program and complete all the steps to the best of their abilities in the time given, I feel extremely confident that they will see significant improvement in desired areas of their life. I approach all my clients with pure love, zero judgement, and a heart fully open to give and receive. I expect to work with clients ready to elevate towards that level of high frequency. I will be sure to talk with you before or just after you enroll, to be sure I feel confident I can help you with your specific goals. I will immediately return your investment if I feel we are not a good fit to work together at this time, and kindly offer you a referral to a colleague who may better suit your needs.

Thank you for your confidence in my expertise, experience, and energy. I am so excited to see your transformation!

Have questions? I want to be sure my Conscious Decluttering program is right for you at this time. I'm happy to talk with you, no charge, no obligation.