The Seven Core

Life Purposes

What's your core life purpose?

The answer may shock you!

Are you wasting energy in a job or role that doesn't serve your T.R.U.E. life purpose? You'll find answers in my divinely-inspired digital book experience, The Seven Core Life Purposes.

Start living your purpose today!

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Here's what you'll discover:

  • The seven core life purposes - in detail, plus examples of types of people who practice them,
  • How they're magically connected to the main seven chakras in your body,
  • What your Core Purpose Superpower is -- wield this to magnetically attract your energetic tribe!
  • How you can manage your purpose and live your best life,
  • Who I am to be teaching and coaching all this, and the crazy story of how I arrived at my life purpose, plus three of my original songs,
  • A workbook section for you to journal about your life's purpose...


  • How to get paid just to exist as the authentic you, living your purpose,
  • The difference between low-frequency and high-frequency living,
  • The NEW way to attract anything you desire, quickly and easily.
  • My contact info is at the end - connect with me about your purpose, I'd love to hear about your experience! Book a complimentary call with me anytime for a deeper dive into how you can live your purpose.



Robin's writing is sincere, she is protective to her reader, so gentle and kind, as she is in person. Reading The Seven Core Life Purposes is like a delicate lake that washes away your problems, washes away your pain, your misfortunes, and then you're just swimming until you're completely clear, in magical water that has vibrated you into a positive state, glowing all these beautiful colors. As you walk out of the water, you go trailing stardust and pure light, you will never be the same. This book reads like a movie that touches you deeply.

Cvetlana Verkhovsky, Transformational Healer and Coach to High Performers, Co-Founder of The

I found Robin’s book to be original and fascinating. I found aspects of myself and my purpose and calling that nailed my essence and qualities I hadn’t really honoured before. Once I realised what my natural superpower was, it made it easier to be myself and to just shine in the world.

— Eve Santou Carter, Grief Counsellor, Coach, Educator and International Speaker

The Seven Core Life Purposes is a must read for anyone frustrated with the daily struggles of this life. Robin’s journey is a testament to the power of authenticity as a path to joy and abundance. In this book, she has created a roadmap for harnessing that power for yourself.

From honestly assessing yourself to purging the distractions in your life, to breaking free from the expectations of society, this process will help guide you toward a new abundant existence that is ultimately aligned with your core purpose. Finding one’s core life purpose may sound, at first, to be somewhat unattainable and possibly too big to handle. However, Robin's process offers a framework within which to tackle these big ideas.

I highly recommend this book if you want to move toward a life of abundance, and help those around you to do the same.

— Charles Shipp, Artist and Entrepreneur,

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