Your T.R.U.E. Life Purpose Plan

Are you a soul on a mission? Feeling kinda lonely and misunderstood? Do you absolutely KNOW you've got something special to do or share, but aren't sure how to really get started or gain more momentum with it? Feeling ignored by the very people you want to help?

Come home to Who you really are, and stand in your true value and your power. Be truly heard and seen for Who you are. Easily attract your energetic tribe instead of hunting for them.

At first you won't believe the amazing, abundant, loving world that opens up when you do. You'll adapt to it quickly and never want to go back.

Let's normalize being 100% authentic and valuing ourselves and others to the core. And watch how your being a lighthouse to your tribe lights up your whole world.

For your awakening SOUL

Whether you consider yourself ascending, on your healing path, or just looking for answers, you've come to the right place.

You may be a pivoting, somewhat successful, or struggling professional, employee, homemaker, service member, entrepreneur, or artist, but you're sure you're meant for more. You refuse to just exist to get paid anymore, or to put up with relationships that aren't serving you. You're waking up to your vast potential, and looking for concrete guidance to understand your Truth and live it daily, helping others and getting compensated for your immense value.

I'm here to guide your journey, because now, more than ever, discovering and living your life's purpose is MISSION CRITICAL to unify our world. I love to meet and work with anyone unsure of their personal power and willing to intentionally reactivate it. It is NEVER too late to come home to Who you are. You're right on time.

If you've hit a wall... in your personal or professional life...

You've come to the right place. Relationships rocky, fleeting, or non existent? Does your partner avoid you or send mixed signals? Job not satisfying? Clients hard to get or keep? Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted?
Do you keep floundering around trying different ways to make money, and either nothing works or you get bored and keep trying to find another way?
Wish you could find truly fulfilling work that lights you up and pays you well?
Are you restless, sleepless, bingeing on food or TV? Do you have a dream, a mission, a passion project you’ve been trying to get off the ground, but it keeps eluding you?

I was there most of my life, after a childhood of abandonment and abuse. It hurts like hell, and you don't even know why. It's just an emptiness and a frustration that gnaws your heart and subtly twists up your stomach. You've probably gotten so used to it you barely notice it.

Believe me, I know how you feel right now.

When I got ultimately fed up, I dedicated eleven difficult, adventurous years to cracking through it. And I discovered...

There’s one reason and one cure for all of this.

You don’t value yourself and your incredible, one-of-a-kind gifts. You think you do, but here’s the thing…

It's because you don’t fully know and love the Self I’m talking about. And thinking is a huge part of the problem.

You’ve been out of touch with your soul, the Truth of Yourself. And it's not your fault. Your mind has buried it with useless clutter, thanks to our capitalist society that needs you to depend on the clutter instead of your actual Self.

You have no idea what resonates with your soul, or who your gifts could truly serve. Actually, you have a lot of ideas, but you’re having trouble sorting through them because you can’t discern your soul’s voice from your mind/ego’s voice.

You’re overthinking everything… feeling too much… accepting breadcrumbs... AND running around looking for the solution outside of yourself.

When all you need is a subtle guide INTO yourself, where all the answers have been forever.

That’s me, your guide.

I'm holding loving space, endless insight, and an easy-to-follow map, for you to come home to Who you really are, get back in alignment with what you love to do and who you love to be with, feel much better in your body, have fun, and GET PAID FOR IT, like many are already doing. It's not only possible, it's inevitable when you intentionally and consistently live your purpose.

There’s only one of you - how would you show up differently if you internalized this ?

Tired of existing just to get paid? What if you could get paid just to exist, because of Who you are?

What if you were free to be who you really are, without fear of judgement, and to do only the things that light you up?

"Your T.R.U.E. Life Purpose Plan" will walk you gently through how to discover and express your T.R.U.E. life’s purpose, so you can get unstuck from feeling invalidated, directionless, confused, depressed. Or escape the rut of feeling broke, loveless, or "not enough."

We've all experienced this. But you are NONE of those things. You are so much more than that. Your energy and soul exists on a much higher dimension, where your life of ease, fun, fulfillment, and abundance awaits! What's more, the Universe (Source, Higher Power, your Higher Self) is cheering you on, to come up and live there!

Don't settle for anything less than your T.R.U.E. life's purpose:

Once you do, you'll feel your power and strength align, like clicking into place... and there's no stopping you on your path to whatever you want. No bad news, no bad energy, nobody in your way, no matter what.

I know! This takes unprecedented courage! I will give you proven, concrete tools to access, love, and regularly express the REAL YOU, and to stay connected to yourself in total happiness.

It's time to realize the very unique and special mission you're really here to do, who you're here to BE. I will guide you to embrace who you are and to step into your personal power.

When you're operating from this place of personal power and indescribable value, money and clients come easily, love is effortless, life is fun, and everything just flows... because this is our natural state!

My Unique, Three-Part Approach

Some coaches help you discover your life's purpose. Others help you map out a plan to live your best life. I do both, plus I keep you motivated and equipped to stay aligned with who you really are - in a world that's constantly rewarding conformity and threatening those who dare to be unique.

Ready to come home to Who you really are?

I can't wait to work alongside you and celebrate your homecoming! Here's what we'll experience:


Coming home to Who you are starts with understanding the Truth of yourself and what Resonates with your soul. On this gentle inner journey you'll learn to discern thoughts from your soul's voice and messages. Dispel the myths of self love and learn why it's critically important to living your purpose. Discover easy ways to cultivate your daily practice of self love, which feeds your confidence in every area of life. Truly, deeply value yourself, and watch the difference it makes in your relationships, health, and abundance! Apply my Seven Laws of Self Love every day.


What purpose strongly resonates most with you right now? Some people have more than one! Using my proprietary questionnaire and my divinely-inspired Seven Core Life Purposes (full ebook included with the course), gain real, actionable clarity as you discover who you are and what you were born to do. It’s so incredibly simple, and knowing your purpose will change your entire outlook and your outcomes! There's no replacing the clarity, meaning, and sense of direction that understanding your core life purpose brings.


Constantly sabotaging yourself? Struggling with depression, sleeplessness, fatigue, or anxiety? Learn how to be at home in your body despite the trauma stored there, and to transmute your pain into your power, and give it a new, positive purpose. This clears your energy and opens your heart to live at the highest frequency, expressing your purpose fully, with ease and confidence. Discover David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness and what it means to live in high frequency. Once you feel high frequency and see its astoundingly positive effects on your life, you’ll want to stay there. And you’ll be able to, with the tools you learn in this course.


Get a practical handle on what the day-to-day of living your purpose will mean for you in every aspect of your life, by completing a short workbook section. Your Unique Expression of your highest self and your purpose will be individual and subjective for everyone, so be sure to attend live group coaching every week for assistance and feedback.


For years, our thinking has been conditioned and programmed in a “busy mind” way that doesn't serve our purpose. There’s a lot of teaching now about re-programming your mind or de-programming your mind. But the bigger picture is that you don't need to live in your mind, like most people do. This is the year you TRANSCEND THE MIND and learn to live straight from your soul. Write the story your soul wants to follow. With a new story comes new outcomes, AND attracting your energetic tribe.


Now that you're clear on your life's purpose(s) and have your soul story and some tools to maintain your high frequency, let's develop your unique blueprint to express WHO YOU REALLY ARE. This will encompass every part of your life from your daily habits to your relationships and your career, without even having to change jobs or leave relationships. Learn how to attract your energetic tribe and get paid to exist. Get crystal clear on your next actionable steps, to live in ease, fun, fulfillment, and abundance! You’ll always have this blueprint to follow and tweak as you go.


Create your own little masterpiece to mark your transformation and serve as an inspirational emblem to remind you Who you are and what your purpose is. Throughout the program you will have already laid out the pieces to it - the lines, images, ideas. It could be visual art, a graphic, a song, a speech, a story, a video, a dance, or any creation that lights you up. If you're interested in composing music or a song with me, I've done this dozens of times and I love it! Please inquire about the extra investment which includes all the technical work done for you and a studio-quality recording for you to keep.

Ready to come home to Who you are, and step fully into your power?


A few beautiful souls I've been privileged to work with:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Robin is amazing, and one of the most inspiring, energetic, and smartest people I know. Her course helped me totally regain my physical energy, and her coaching helped my mindset so much, it carried over into my work, family, and art. I highly recommend working with Robin if you have the chance."

YOLANDA WHITE | Sr. Clinical Project Manager and Hand Lettering Artist

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Robin will un-turn stones you haven't looked under and create connections to real solutions and results. Both on an energetic level, and very much in conjunction with, the real life and business ones. In just a short time working with her, I've never been more organized and on actual purpose!"

SCHROEDER NORDHOLT | Speakers' Coach and Professional Composer

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"It's smooth and fast, you really get to the point. Especially the lesson about the soul's voice versus the mind. I resonate completely with that. I had multiple situations where I heard that voice and thought, I need to bring that or do this, and then I didn't and I was like, I should have listened! I'm really glad I signed up for this, it's going to be a really nice experience."

VINCENT HAZENBOOM | Podcaster, Social Media Influencer

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Coach Robin is not only full of amazing knowledge and resources, but communicates with so much kindness and encouragement that you will feel equipped and inspired to reach your career goals and beyond! She's so likable and truly a wealth of knowledge - I couldn't recommend her more!"

KELSEY EIDE | Professional Songwriter and Performer, Social Media Influencer

"Robin is genuine and sincere. You can trust her to shoot straight with you. No Bull."

CLARK COOK | Realtor

"You've been such a big help to me. I seem to vibrate differently when listening to you. You're very uplifting and exciting... yet calming at the same time. Just what I need to lift my spirits!"

DAVE TIMMONS | Professional Dad to a Special Needs Kid

Robin O'Donovan in her music studio

Your Coach, Robin O'Donovan

“I'm a piano singer-songwriter, former music therapist, and former off-grid nomad, from Gainesville, Florida. I sold everything and traveled the country for a year and then, as it happened, ended 20 years of marriage in the process of coming home to myself and my T.R.U.E. life purpose. From a divine revelation I wrote an ebook, The Seven Core Life Purposes, that's been downloaded by over 2000 people in over a dozen countries, and it continues to astound and teach me. It is the basis of this course and all my coaching. The book is included with your purchase of this course.

After spending five years quantifying this Core Life Purpose process and working with others to experience their amazing soul homecomings, I am so deeply grateful now to get paid just to exist, supporting myself and two kids in a lovely little minimalist home, doing nothing but what lights me up: time alone, time with my kids and partner, coaching, music, and travel. I cured myself of 30 years of depression, I walk my talk and live my life purposes every day, and it's part of my purpose to be a lighthouse for you to do the same. Because only then will our world know peace, which starts inside each of us."



Imagine waking up every day to do only the things that light you up, with the people you love, making your unique difference in the world, and getting paid for it!

It's time to come home to who you really are.

I’m here to introduce you to the absolute love of your life: You.

To the money that just feels different, and stays to enrich your life and others', because you’re getting paid to exist as YOU.

To the energetic tribe of people who’ve got your back in every situation and who love you actively and completely for exactly who you are. From your ideal clients and coworkers to that elusive love of your life.

To the You that exists in this beautiful, bountiful new society we're all building that you may be just shy of accessing and understanding.

To the peace and joy that can't be replaced by anything outside of you.

No matter what your past is. No matter your income or age. No matter if you’ve done your inner child healing work or not (which isn’t even necessary).

No matter if you’re a hot mess right now, or a cool, quietly frustrated starseed who just needs a simple framework to re-organize your brilliance and attract more of your energetic tribe to support your amazing journey.

I’m here to give you that framework, to give you a simple map, to take the inaccessible woo-woo out of the process, and to bring you home to Who you really are. To your soul, to your body, to your heart, and to your soul tribe.

And when you embrace this process (it’s a beautiful, fun, ongoing journey), the world will embrace You. The people on your new energetic frequency will find YOU. And treat you in harmony, with respect, with prosperity, in peace, in utter and total love.

Because that’s exactly Who you are. Pure Love. You knew this once. You just forgot.

Welcome home.

Explore Your T.R.U.E. Life Purpose Coaching With Me

In the fading product-driven economy, the value of this program and of working with me is far more than what I'm charging. I've been hounded by my mentors and fellow coaches to raise my prices and use gimmicks to hook clients. I insist on intuitively doing things my way, with my integrity, in service to our highest good. What lights me up is giving everyone who wants it access to the gift of guidance back to their soul and their life purpose.

I intend to help as many people as possible come home to Who they are and live their purpose. To facilitate the new purpose-driven economy, and also to keep an exchange of energy flowing, I ask that you make an investment you are comfortable with. The people who gave me the chance I needed when I was a "financial risk" as a broke single mom trying to get this dream off the ground, are all giving through me now, to you. Please respect that energy and love, and show up with your best.

In order to qualify to take my program and work with me, I ask that you first attend an hour long discovery coaching call with me, preferably by Zoom. If I feel that we would be a good fit working together and that I can help you with your goals, you may choose your investment and level of coaching when or after we speak.

If you'd like to work with me 1-1, that option is available for further investment, on a first-come-first-served basis. You will save more, and reserve your weekly 1-1 spot on my calendar, if you book it upfront with one of the packages below, but you can (schedule permitting) purchase an hour whenever you need it.

Eight-Week Self-Guided Course With Weekly Group Coaching

Join anytime, log into the portal and go at your own pace, and meet the group on Zoom each week for questions and guidance.

  • Per week: Invest an hour or two going through the weekly module, and an hour live with me and the group, integrating it further. If you will not dedicate two-three hours to yourself a week, then this program, and maybe arriving at higher consciousness and living your purpose, is not for you at this time. Your soul work is calling you, and you've just been given an incredibly illuminating map. You can choose to make time for it. Whether you work with me or not, nothing is more important, or more rewarding, no matter what your mind says.
  • My Digital Book Experience, The Seven Core Life Purposes, is included.
  • One 1-1 hour of personal coaching, anytime during the initial eight weeks, is included.
  • Enjoy Guided Meditations To Help You Calm Your Mind and Connect With Your Soul.
  • Videos, Worksheets, and Resources Posted in Private Portal With Lifetime Access including updates.
  • Access to A Brand-New, Cutting Edge, Invitation-Only Social App For Keeping Track of Your Goals and Progress.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee if you follow through the entire program, attend all of the group coaching sessions and all of your 1-1 coaching sessions, do the Action Points in each module, and make your best efforts to activate your purpose plan. If things don't feel right or you're not starting to see the results you wanted, let's see what we can do and what seems fair. Come talk to me. My purpose is connected to yours. I won't let you just trail off into the sunset unhappy.
  • After the 8 Weeks, Opt to Continue Joining Our Zoom Meetings For Support, Guest Experts, And Updated Teachings, As Long As You Like For $44/ Month (optional).

Total investment for the 8-Week Course: $1000 $600 Introductory Price, payment plan available. Begin with a free coaching call with me.

  • Accelerate and amplify your success by adding additional, private, hour-long Zoom sessions with me, to be conducted anytime during the initial eight weeks. You may wish to receive personal help with discerning your purpose, transmuting your trauma, rewriting your stories, effectively crafting your opus, or any other part of the program. Get the most out of your Life Purpose coaching by purchasing one of the following total packages, below. Available on a first-come, first-served basis as I can only personally coach a few clients each week:

Add Personal Coached Hours With Me During Your Initial Eight Weeks:

2 Hours: $900 Total One Time Investment for Course

4 Hours: $1200 Total One Time Investment for Course

6 Hours: $1400 Total One Time Investment for Course

8 Hours: $1600 Total One Time Investment for Course

Have questions? Like to test drive my coaching? I want to be sure my program is right for you at this time. I'm happy to talk with you, no charge, no obligation.

Why put off knowing and loving your beautiful Self to your core?

Why postpone your soul-based happiness and success, living your purpose?

Why keep denying Who you really are?

You are Love. Take charge of your life's purpose and radiate it. You will find that the immense peace and benefits of living this way completely outweigh your reasons for procrastination.

There literally is no other way to truly live.

Let no more time pass. Your soul, and all the souls you're meant to help and inspire, are begging for you to come home.

OWN your value, OWN your T.R.U.E. life's purpose, and step into your full power to serve others as you've been called to do.