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I'm Robin O'Donovan, and I'm SO excited to welcome you to my Energetic Tribe Community, featuring my Thursday evening "What's Real" Live Chat! We're using our personal energy to create the world WE want to live in (which is, I'm learning, the world MOST people say they want). Here's what's included:

  • Weekly, hour-long calls via Telegram live - access will be provided upon signup, below. It's held on Thursdays at 8pm E / 5pm P.
  • The Energetic Tribe community is FREE to join using the Telegram app or website, just show up and participate - doing so will change your life AND others'! (Introverts- I got u. I'm one too. I won't throw you to the lions.)
  • The opportunity to learn much more about yourself and your powers of manifestation or womanifestation than you ever thought possible.
  • The opportunity to make some seriously fun and amazing stuff happen in your life, consistently.
  • The opportunity to discover your life's purpose and start aligning with it for a much easier, more fun, fulfilling and abundant life!
  • These gatherings will be FUN and DEEP and possibly out of this world. Get ready to meet your energetic tribe!
  • Members get discounts on my group intensive program, retreats, and fun merchandise.
  • Calls are recorded, but please attend live to get the most out of this group!
  • To preserve the integrity of the group, I reserve the right to remove you from the community for not following our basic, respectful rules, or for non-participation. 
  • You are amazing! I can't wait to see what we'll create together!!

Thank you from my heart and soul for being here. I love you each and every one. This community is very special to me. Together, we're changing EVERYTHING.

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